Upstart Brewing. A new London microbrewery dedicated to great tasting beer

Upstart: noun [ˈʌpstɑːt/] someone who has risen abruptly in rank or influence; parvenu, arriviste, nouveau riche, squirt, wannabe.

Upstart Brewing is a new Microbrewery, based in Wanstead, East London. Upstart devises and develops its recipes on a pilot kit hidden in an otherwise unexceptional suburban garage. You'd never suspect we were there. If you walk down the right street on the right day, you'll experience the heady aromas of malt and hops as we mash and boil our latest treat.

Fed up with drinking industrial mass-produced beer, Upstart Brewing aims to bring modern European flavours to London drinkers' palates. Upstart's beers are well-balanced craft beers, informed, not dominated, by US influence.


Upstart's first beer, Alpha

Upstart Alpha is our first beer and will be launched on a unsuspecting world at 7pm on Saturday, December 7th at Christchurch Hall, Wanstead Place, E11 2SW. Upstart Alpha is a moreish 4.3% Pale Ale brewed with Pale, Belgian Aromatic and Wheat Malts. It has been hopped four times with fine European varieties: Magnum, Fuggle and Hallertau Hersbrucker.


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